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Discover and experience the municipality of Sundhagen – the Baltic Sea is very trendy!

The Baltic Sea is very trendy – discover and experience the municipality of Sundhagen now! Whether as a single trip or family vacation: Vacations on the Baltic Sea are back in fashion. Instead of a stressful flight to foreign beaches, you will find beach, sun and sea here at any time of the year, just a little cooler.

Summer is the best time to travel to the sea. With water temperatures between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius, you can refresh yourself on hot days. Even in the low season, the Baltic Sea has its charms. In autumn and winter, peace, serenity and diversity lure on the mostly empty beaches and, often difficult for a single holiday: cheap accommodation prices, so a suitable place for recreation all year round.

Accommodation for rent in the municipality of Sundhagen

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The municipality of Sundhagen

South of Stralsund there is a municipality called Sundhagen. From her you can take numerous tours in the surrounding area. In addition, it is not far to the island of Rügen, to the cities of Stralsund and Greifswald and the Greifswalder – and Kubitzer Bodden.


Sundhagen is located in the northeast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Geografische Lage Sundhagen
The geographic location of the municipality of Sundhagen.

Sundhagen, located in the northeast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, was founded in 2009 from the communities of Brandshagen, Horst, Kirchdorf, Miltzow, Reinberg and Wilmshagen. Its name refers to the Strelasund estuary, which lies between the mainland and the island of Rügen. This was formed during the last ice age.

This formed cliffs and flat beaches, which not only allow sunny beach days with swimming and other water experiences. They also offer beautiful views, hikes or bike rides through the beautiful nature of Sundhagen.

Beaches in and around Sundhagen and Strelasund

Sundhagen Strand, Strelasund Strand, Strandkorb, Flaches Wasser, Strände, Ostseesand, Ostsee
Beautiful beaches in Sundhagen, Strelasund and the surrounding area.

The beaches, which slope gently into the water, are ideal for families with children, for example at the Strelasund seaside resort. There are rocky areas, but you will also find plenty of fine Baltic Sea sand. In the adjacent forest, the children can romp and explore the area, while the parents make themselves comfortable in the beach chair.

North of the Kurhaus you will find the next flat and fine sandy beach on the spit to the Devin peninsula. You can really relax under the shady trees. It is not far from either beach to the Kurhaus restaurant, where you can satisfy your hunger.

Hiking, cycling and enjoying nature

From Deviner Strand you can easily get to the nature reserve of the Devin Peninsula. On the circular hiking trail designed for hikers, you will discover an orchid meadow, a moor area with rare animal species and the high cliffs.

From the numerous other beaches in the municipality of Sundhagen, we would like to introduce you to Stahlbrode and Tremt.

Nature lovers love the Tremter beach very much, it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Hikers also like to come here for a swim break. Thanks to its reed-covered banks, it creates a very special atmosphere.

There are sunbathing lawns on the narrow Stahlbrode beach, from which you can enjoy the view of the sea and the island of Rügen. A campsite with cafe and kiosk as well as a boat and bicycle rental are located next door. And you can take the car ferry to Rügen from there.

Single trip or family vacation? There is something for everyone!

Whether as a single or family holiday, you certainly want to experience more than just days on the beach. Many of the small districts of Sundhagen are ideal for this, mostly old villages where you can discover traces of bygone times.

Jeeser – a district of the municipality of Sundhagen

A district of the municipality of Sundhagen is Jeeser. There is a lake here that is an angler’s paradise, as well as the moor to the north-west, a sour intermediate moor with rare moor plants. At the lake and south of it, in the district of Segebadenhau, are tower hills, the latter being the remains of a castle called Ekberg. The old signalman’s house with its outbuilding is a listed building, as is the former „Waldschlösschen“ restaurant.

Kirchdorf – also a district of Sundhagen

Kirchdorf is also a district of Sundhagen. On a stroll through the town you will come across a brick church from the 14th century. About 1200 meters south of the village there is a Slavic hill fort with the field name „The Castle“ on a wooded elevation.

Kirchdorf is located directly on the Greifswalder Bodden, which is a bay in the southern Baltic Sea. It is the largest Bodden in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and larger than the largest inland lake in which Germany has a share, Lake Constance. It is also the largest nature reserve in this region.

Excursion to Brandshagen

A trip to Brandshagen is particularly interesting for nature lovers. Two kilometers further is the Komoran colony nature reserve near Niederdorf. The first breeding pairs settled in 1952 and their population increased significantly.

Together with gray herons, they share the territory with woodcock, jackdaw, little flycatcher, black woodpecker, chaffinch and yellowhammer. Since the area is crossed by a coastal hiking trail, you can walk on it to Brandshagen and see the sights there. The Marienkirche is one of the largest village churches in northern Germany.

Mannhagener Moor southwest of Miltzow

Another nature reserve is the Mannhagener Moor southwest of Miltzow. The 43.5 hectare habitat island for numerous animal and plant species is located in the middle of an intensively used agricultural landscape.

Reinkenhagen – the district of the municipality of Sundhagen for those interested in technology

Those interested in technology will get their money’s worth in the Sundhagen district of Reinkenhagen in the petroleum museum. In 1961, a first search well was successfully carried out in Reinkenhagen. This is where the museum stands today. It is historical evidence of mining activities in Western Pomerania.

Find traces of the Slavs – in Reinberg

Reinberg, about 6 km from Kirchdorf, has a Gothic village church from the 13th century worth seeing with a lime tree on the north side that is around 1,000 years old. A stone of expiation on the cemetery wall commemorates the wrongful death sentence of the bailiff Barnekow in the 15th century.

Here you will also find traces of the Slavs again, a tower hill castle in the middle of a large complex in the river bend. From Reinberg, take Stahlbroder Straße directly to the Weißen Flotte ferry terminal.

Drive from Stralsund over the Rügen bridge to the island of Rügen

Another way to get to the island of Rügen is in Stralsund: the Rügen Bridge. It is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Germany with a length of around 4 kilometers and a height of 128 meters. It enables a fast car connection to the island.

In any case, it is worth taking a look at the Rügendamm next to it, which is greatly relieved by the bridge. Once in Stralsund, after hot days on the beach or relaxing hikes, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Hanseatic city and explore other sights.

Oceanum (Ozeanum Stralsund)

If you want to know what’s going on below sea level in the Baltic Sea and other seas, the German Maritime Museum and the Oceanum (Ozeanum) in Stralsund are the best destinations for discovering the underwater world. On the Baltic Sea itself you can visit the former sailing school ship „Gorch Fock“, now a museum ship, which is in the harbor.

Historical places near the Baltic Sea coast

But you should not pass by some historical sites either. The town hall on the old market, an impressive building from the 14th century built in the style of North German brick Gothic is a landmark of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. The three large churches, which are close to the center and also date from the 14th century, are worth visiting.

They are the Marienkirche, the Nikolaikirche and the Kulturkirche St. Jakobi. You can combine this with a stroll through the historic old town, which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and where you will of course find enough restaurants and cafés for your physical well-being.

The zoo in Stralsund is a welcome change for young and old

The Stralsund Zoo (Zoo Stralsund) is a great change for children. Domestic animals, native animals and animals from all over the world live in it. If it’s not raining, but it’s a bit too fresh for a visit to the stand, then a visit to the zoo is the ideal activity for young and old.

These were some offers for your next trip – I wish you a nice holiday in the municipality of Sundhagen!

Now you certainly have enough offers for your trip, whether alone or with family, all the prerequisites for a great holiday are in place. And if the weather is bad, you can forget the rain clouds in the „HanseDom“ in Strahlsund and enjoy the day in this adventure pool on water slides, in whirlpools, numerous water features and a beautiful sauna area.

Overview: Discover and experience the municipality of Sundhagen – the Baltic Sea is very trendy!

  • Discover and experience the community of Sundhagen. ✅
    • Not far from Greifswald and Stralsund. ✅
  • What is there to discover in Sundhagen? ✅
    • Beach, nature but also history.✅
  • Enjoy holidays on the Baltic Sea in the municipality of Sundhagen. ✅
  • Are you looking for relaxation and would you also like to experience a great place? ✅
    • Then come to the municipality of Sundhagen! ✅

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